What materials do Blakeley’s Waste Management recycle?

We can recycle most mixed commercial and industrial waste, separating out paper cardboard, plastic, glass, wood and metals.


When is my bin being emptied?

When you sign your service agreement you will be allocated a collection day, if this changes you will be informed, or for up to date information, please telephone the transport office on 01942 855367 for skips and RORO or 01942 855368 for Wheelie bins and FEL's.


What type of service can you provide?
We provide a full portfolio of waste management services, please visit our services section for
further details.


Do you cover my area?

Blakeley’s scheduled services run throughout the North West. Although through company partnerships the company can provide a nationwide waste management solution. Should you require further information, please contact our sales team.


How big are Blakeley’s containers?
Blakeley’s have a number of container sizes that are available for hire.


To see all of the containers and skips that we have to offer and their specifications, please see our containers pages.


Do you provide container exchanges, deliveries and collections?
Yes, Blakeley’s will deliver and collect the containers. Should you require us to leave an empty container on collection, this can also be arranged. 


Whats the difference between a delivery, exchange and collection?

Delivery is obviously the delivery of an empty container, collection is the removal of the full container and exchange is the removal of a full container with another empty container being put in its place.


Can you give a recycling figure for every individual container?
Unfortunately, Blakeley’s cannot produce a recycling figure for each container that the company collects through its mobile compaction service due to the mixing of the waste inside the vehicles.. We can however provide an overall recycling facility for the MRF and hope to be able to offer figures for seperate collections in the future.






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